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About Us

Mission and Marketing Research Process

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Grayson Robinson Digital Marketing is founded on the principle that our relationship with you is the top priority. We care that you find your target audience and create a connection. We use our marketing research process to understand your company, its principles, and the market it is competing against. Once we understand your business and the community you impact, we turn crowds into customers.

We research your digital presence before our marketing coordinator and digital marketing strategist meet with your company. By analyzing your online profiles and studying your website, our digital marketing strategist develops a plan to increase your visibility and credibility across the internet.

For your discovery call, your company meets with a few members of our team, often our marketing coordinator and digital marketing strategist. We explore your business goals and how digital marketing can help you accomplish them. By setting realistic expectations for digital performance, we help you set attainable goals tailored to your company’s resources.

Branding and Marketing Functions

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Google search contains billions, or possibly even trillions, of pages. It requires a lot of work to appear at the top of common searches on Google. However, our marketing functions help you rank at the top of popular searches while remaining true to your brand. 


Through our marketing research process, we uncover the unique advantages that your business offers its clientele. We highlight these characteristics and showcase them to your audience as we help them find you online.               

Our digital marketing strategist tailors our marketing functions to your brand. Whether you are just launching your brand or your company’s digital audience has not grown in a long time, we provide the digital footprint that will help your company expand.

Experience In Small Business Consulting

Grayson Robinson Digital Marketing began with a simple vision: make an impactful change through genuine connections. We have grown with this vision in mind. To serve our clients more effectively, we ensure our employees receive broad training before specializing in their digital marketing expertise.

We have helped our clients reach millions of people and turn thousands into loyal customers. Whether you are a local service or a large e-commerce business, we transform your business by ensuring you reach a large audience and make an impactful impression.

Google Ads Agency

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Our creative team helps your website garner organic traffic from search engines while maintaining the brand you worked so hard to create. We optimize your site for common search terms yet maintain the emotional connection with your audience required for a lasting customer relationship. Through our small business consulting, we help you develop new creative strategies that match your business, from email blasts and blog posts to a video series on YouTube.


Our technical team focuses on engagement. Once someone arrives at your site, we want them to engage with your content and decide that your company deserves their purchase. To accomplish this, we improve the loading speed of your site and restructure your links so that customers arrive at your product or service pages when they are ready to purchase. This part of our small business consulting ensures that people arriving at your site want to return.

Grayson Robinson Digital Marketing works with businesses of all ages. Whether you are just launching and need to establish yourself online, or your website and online profiles are gathering disappointing results, we flood your website with customers. With our search engine optimization and pay-per-click marketing strategies, we find your target audience and increase your sales.

Digital Marketing Strategist

Our digital marketing strategist employs many strategies to meet your digital marketing goals. Among these strategies, we often incorporate these crucial, potent attributes to your digital footprint that increase traffic and customer loyalty.

Back Door Marketing

Grayson Robinson Digital Marketing specializes in finding back-door marketing strategies for your industry. With our keyword research, we find areas of low competition in your market and utilize those areas to gather traffic more efficiently. Our digital marketing strategist ensures your search engine optimization. Google ads center around back-door strategies that save you money while ensuring you reach the perfect audience for your business.

Digital Presence

We enhance your digital credibility, making you appealing to audiences regardless of where they encounter you online. From improving your online profiles to responding to customer reviews, we engage your audience and convert them into customers. Our digital marketing strategist also finds the areas where your digital presence is lacking, whether you’re not listed on common platforms or need to respond to reviews on your profiles.

High-Quality Landing Pages

Your company may utilize many tactics to send an audience to your website. But regardless of your lead generation techniques, high-quality landing pages on your website are crucial to converting your audience into paying customers. These landing pages remain the most essential element to your digital success, and we specialize in perfecting the landing pages on your website.

Our Digital Marketing Certifications

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Wix certified accessibility badge

We study Google’s courses to help our digital marketing strategist determine the best plan for your company’s SEO and Google advertising. Through internal research of your company and its industry, we determine the best back-door markets to reach with your marketing and how to reach your target audience while establishing your digital brand.

Google Digital Marketing Certification

Wix Accessibility Training

One of Google’s marketing principles is accessibility for all users. Through our Wix accessibility training, we help websites hosted on any platform become more accessible for visitors with disabilities. For example, our alternative text provides blind website guests with a clear description of the pictures you incorporate. Our accessibility optimization also helps you rank higher on Google and other search engines.

Javascript Training

Our technical team undergoes coding education to assist them in transforming your site into a high-performing digital converter. We want your website visitors to convert into customers. To accomplish this, we increase your webpages’ loading speed, re-organize your website’s structure, and fix pages inaccessible to your customers.

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