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Our Organic SEO Services

Want to bring in sales without having to pay for each click? Instead of hiring an SEO Analyst for your company, we provide organic SEO services from a team of specialists who handle your digital marketing strategy and creative and technical improvements to your site. Our process is simple yet effective; we provide a digital audit and SEO Strategy. Then, we offer expert implementation until the strategy is completed, followed by a detailed review of the results.  

SEO Audit Service

Pricing: $250.00

Included in SEO Strategy 

Our digital marketing team runs multiple scans of your site’s technical performance, keyword rankings, and many other aspects. We also visually audit your site and discuss highlights, shortcomings, and potential improvements. Finally, we search on Google, Bing, and standard directories to ensure your business has a robust digital presence.



Our technical team utilizes Google’s built-in web scan to analyze a page’s performance. We then run this audit across your entire site, searching for the most significant issues hindering your SEO success or harming your user experience. To be thorough, we also run an audit with the Ahrefs site auditing tool to check for areas of needed improvement.

Technical SEO Audit Service

Keyword Tracking

If your site already runs Google Search Console, it is the most accurate platform for analyzing your organic search traffic. However, we utilize the Ahrefs keyword tracking tool for clients without GSC to check your current and past SEO analytics. This keyword breakdown reveals what content needs optimization and areas you still need to target. 

Team Visual Site Scan

Our graphic designer, SEO copywriter, and the rest of our team visually scan your site's three most visited pages, looking for ways to engage your audience more effectively. This site analysis helps us determine the most crucial site modifications to improve your audience's conversion rate.

Online Presence Checks

By running SEMRush’s Listing Tool, searching across Google Platforms, and delving into industry-specific directories, we find where your online presence needs improvement. Direct traffic is one of the largest potential sources of digital traffic, so ensuring your profiles are appealing is essential to increasing your audience.

SEO Strategy

Pricing: $700.00

Included in Monthly SEO Services

After running our SEO Audit Service, we provide a personalized SEO strategy for your business. Our SEO strategies work perfectly whether you want our organic SEO services, in-house marketing efforts, or another digital marketing agency.


New & Improved Website Content

Whether your website has one thousand pages or you are still trying to build your website for launch, we craft a plan for you. For newer sites, we focus on creating an SEO content strategy with landing pages and a monthly informative blog. However, for sites with many pages established, our SEO content strategy often relies more on optimizing pages already published before creating new content.

More Online Presence

After analyzing your online profiles, we find which directories are most crucial for your digital success. We optimize these first, ensuring you have the right pictures displayed, a professional description that appeals to your target audience, and your services listed. Our SEO management includes responding to reviews, adding new directories, and updating you on profile changes.

Technical Site Enhancements

Our technical team’s audits are extremely powerful. They list all of your site’s technical performance shortcomings page-by-page. We delve into those audits to pick out the most crucial issues that hinder your audience’s experience with you and hurt your rankings on Google. Then, we summarize these problems, highlighting the most vital issues hindering overall site performance.

Monthly SEO Services

Pricing: varies depending on our monthly hour commitment

Review + Report: Included with your monthly SEO services at the end of your engagement

Creative Team

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Our graphic design and SEO Copywriting Services vary depending on your site’s current state. Your first impression of your audience is essential to converting them into customers. Our SEO management service ensures that each landing page is optimized for traffic and highlights the benefits of your company’s services or products. Then, we often create or improve an informative blog, gathering an audience for your posts relevant to your company.

Technical Team

Slow pages lose visitors. Our technical team implements changes that transform your visitors’ frustration into satisfaction. Regardless of your hosting platform, our team optimizes your site to ensure your audience enjoys spending time on it. This improves your conversion rate and increases your customers' loyalty.

Monthly SEO Reporting

If you prefer to be hands-on with your marketing or want to leave it all to the specialists, we provide you with a detailed monthly report. In our SEO reporting, we emphasize the results of our efforts, whether successful or needing improvement. We are also happy to meet with you monthly to discuss our work.

Review + Report

At the end of our engagement, we provide more detailed SEO reporting than our monthly reporting. We explore your SEO analytics before and during our engagement. We also re-run our auditing and discuss ways your site can improve for even more traffic.



First, we discuss your SEO analytics based on your site performance and sales. We do this during your engagement to ensure we are on track; however, at the end of the engagement, we are more detailed, searching for which tactics led to the most growth. Between this data and the technical site performance data, we utilize the collected data to understand your target audience better.


Re-run Auditing

During your engagement, we often re-run our auditing tools to guarantee our work results in improvements for your site. However, after our engagement, we re-run the audit in conjunction; then, our team discusses the best plan to continue building on the progress we have already made.

New SEO Strategy

Finally, we craft a new SEO strategy based on the most successful aspects of the last strategy. If your blog posts caused the most growth, we offer more frequent blog posts. If your online profiles directed the most customers to your site, we increase your visibility on all your platforms. It may even be time to run some advertising campaigns.

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Lets Connect

Whether you're ready to get started or you have questions, I can't wait to connect with you! 

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