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Benefits of Google Search Console vs Google Analytics

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Google covers nearly 90% of the search traffic on the internet, so optimizing your site for Google searches is crucial for digital success. They offer many tools to help website managers. However, two of Google’s tools are often argued to be the most critical: Google Search Console vs Google Analytics.

Google Search Console vs Google Analytics: Search Console

Find Important Keyphrases

Google Search Console shows the search terms that are already sending you traffic. It breaks down each term to show how many views and clicks you receive from each term, allowing you to find ideas for keywords and track progress once you have optimized your web pages.

Sitemaps and Indexing Pages

Search engines, including Google, are primarily guided by AI software that scans websites for information relevant to the search term. However, Google doesn’t scan every webpage on the internet. Instead, Google Search Console lets you control your website by mapping and indexing each page. This ensures that Google registers your website updates, allowing you to reach the most relevant audience for your company.

Further Uses

Frequently mapping your site and indexing each page helps Google send your website more traffic; however, it’s undoubtedly most useful after page updates. Then, comparing the performance of certain search phrases on your site over time can show whether your updates effectively funnel traffic to your site.

Google Search Console vs Google Analytics: Analytics

Tracks Where Traffic Is Coming From

While Google Search Console shows which search terms generate traffic, Google Analytics goes more in-depth. Analytics shows where all the traffic to your site originates, from organic search traffic to your audience from ads and social media accounts. It provides a clear picture of how you develop your website’s viewers.

Learn About Locations

Google Analytics also provides information on the location of the viewers arriving on your site. This allows you to target an audience within your service range for service companies. It also helps anyone looking to advertise find areas of particular interest for their product or service. 

Further Uses

People often argue about Google Search Console vs. Google Analytics, failing to recognize that both are necessary to succeed digitally. Google Analytics, in particular, has many advanced facets that provide essential information.  For instance, it also provides each user's time on your site; improving this metric is vital to converting your audience into your customers.

Arguing Google Search Console vs Google Analytics is foolish because both are crucial. They serve different purposes as part of Google’s toolkit for web managers. Google Search Console allows you to request Google to scan your site again, sending you a more relevant audience. Google Analytics provides a robust way to understand your audience and gather data on your digital performance.

We are always happy to discuss these tools and other aspects of digital marketing, so feel free to reach out and connect with us today!


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