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Want Better Performing Ads? Advice From A Google Ads Agency

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Performance Max campaigns work hard so that you don't have to. These types of ads utilize Google's AI to help increase your performance. While they don't necessarily require a Google ads agency, they require specific content and constant monitoring to keep your Google ads cost low.

Performance Max campaigns are not always the best option because they run ads on all of Google's platforms. However, they contribute more than most of the other options on Google, allowing inexperienced marketers to find clients. It is your best choice if you want to run Google ads without a Google ads agency.

Optimizing Your Performance Max Campaigns

Fill up each asset type

While it may seem like you create quite a few redundant assets, even slight differences significantly affect the number of clients you receive from each of your ads. For many business types, producing high-quality videos will substantially increase traffic, but it may be too much work for some companies. Ensure you use headlines that will attract the attention of the casual internet audience.

Replace assets that are performing poorly

Google takes time to measure the performance of every asset type. As a Google ads agency, we cycle the content in our client's ads every two to four weeks, depending on the industry. You want to allow the content in your ads enough time to get accurate data on performance.

Monitor costs regularly

For all our clients, we monitor their Google ads costs daily. While each ad follows a daily budget that you set, Google allows these ads to run slightly higher or lower than their budgets. We prefer to pause most of our clients' ads over the weekend because we often see a spike in cost without seeing many more conversions.

Technical Improvements

Target specific locations, even zip codes

For all our Targeting clients in the right area is essential, especially for companies offering location-based services. Also, recognizing and excluding areas more prone to false conversions helps maintain low Google ads costs by ensuring your ads reach the right audience.

Use the proper conversions and keywords for better ROI on your Campaign

Performance Max campaigns allow you to enter twenty-five keywords that determine the amount of money you spend per conversion. Google offers a keyword tool that estimates the amount each keyword costs per conversion. With enough time testing performance, Google can show you which keywords are performing well so you can boost your ads.

To learn more, view Googles article on Performance Max campaigns. Please contact us if you have any questions about digital marketing or want help from a Google ads agency. Also, let us know if there are topics or industries that you want us to discuss.


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