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Creating a Digital Footprint with Small Business Consulting

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If you are a small business owner looking to take your company to the next level, here are some actionable steps to getting more customers. Once you have completed these steps, it may be time to reach out for small business consulting for your digital marketing.

First Steps

Creating Google and Bing Profiles

Profiles on Google and Bing are among the most foundational ways to establish credibility with your digital audience. While it can be challenging to verify the Google profile because of its security, most of the process is streamlined, and any challenges can be solved if you contact Google support. If you would like more help, we offer small business consulting for this and many other marketing topics.

Creating Social Media Profiles

Facebook and Instagram are two of the most popular business sites, but LinkedIn can also be a great lead-generation tool if used properly. Creating these accounts with professional images and descriptions is essential to appearing credible online. While the frequency with which you need to post changes for every industry, ensure that anyone visiting your social media accounts can tell you that you are still an active and healthy company.

Prepping Your Website

Ensuring your website is the right size is very important; small websites can be challenging to drive traffic to, and large websites often struggle to keep their traffic interested. Look over the websites of the most successful companies in your industry and decide which elements are most essential.

Utilizing Small Business Consulting To Get Customers

Know Your Lead Generation Options

Advertising digitally is one of the most powerful ways to expose your company to the world. If done correctly, it guarantees leads while allowing for much more control over your audience, saving you money. However, search engine optimization is often as robust and doesn’t require paying for advertising. Considering all the options available helps you find the perfect marketing firm for your company.

Picking A Consulting Firm

There are many options when looking for small business consulting; we are not the best option for everyone. Explore digital marketing agencies to find people who align with your business model while specializing in the lead generation options that best suit your business.

At Grayson Robinson Digital Marketing, we value our relationships with our clients. Each company we work with offers something valuable and impactful, and we are proud to represent our clients. We specialize in strategy development, digital advertising, and search engine optimization.

We offer various services, from large marketing packages to small business consulting. Please contact us if you need help growing your business today.


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