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Email Marketing: What is MailChimp?

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Email marketing is an incredible tool to keep customers engaged with your business, products, and services. Many platforms offer different advantages when picking a host for your professional email blast. We use MailChimp, but what is MailChimp?

So, Seriously, What is MailChimp?

MailChimp is one of many hosting platforms that allows you to create and send email newsletters to large audiences. It lets you stay connected with potential customers and regularly update them about your business or industry.

We utilize MailChimp to send marketing advice to our clients and potential new clients. We also give updates about changes to our website or services. This allows us to serve our audience while keeping them engaged with our progress as a company. Every industry and every company requires a different type of content, but discovering that content is as simple as connecting with your audience's needs.

MailChimp is far from the only host that provides this service. Many website hosts offer the same services built into your website itself. Wix, for instance, allows its website hosts to add email blast subscriptions and send newsletters to subscribers. Because every company prefers different features, we don't recommend one service for every company; instead, we suggest you decide which features are most important to you and choose based on those features.

Importance of Email Marketing

Email marketing transforms businesses. So, what is MailChimp? MailChimp provides an email subscription service that offers a 42x return on investment. However, professional email marketing fails to guarantee a successful connection with your audience.

Set Goals and establish your brand’s tone

First, you need to establish what benefits of email marketing are most important to your company. Then, you determine a tone to connect well with your audience. Email marketing allows a fantastic opportunity to build your brand and share your company's values with your customers. But you must focus on the benefits that matter most to your company’s success. 

Monitor your email performance

Regularly monitoring the success of your email blast allows you to replicate attributes of your best-performing emails. Reviewing performance also helps you avoid repeating mistakes that hinder the success of your email campaigns, ensuring that your email blast always provides ROI.

Please contact us to learn more about professional email marketing or to get help with your digital marketing. 

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