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How Will Customers Find You? With Google My Business

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Want to show up on Google searches without paying for advertising? Google My Business profiles offer a chance to appear on Google searches with your business’s information and help your website gain more visitors. The best part is that creating a profile is achievable without professional help.

Why You Need A Google My Business Profile

Your Google business profile is essential for attracting customers for any company that requires a physical location or relies on phone call leads. We help all of our clients set up their Google My Business accounts. Many of our clients see nearly as many customers from their Google business profile as any other source.

Forbes detailed more benefits of establishing a Google My Business profile, including 60% of smartphone users contacting businesses directly through their Google business profile during their data collection. They also list other benefits, which include an automatic boost to your website's search engine rankings once your profile is verified.

Not only is the profile a platform for direct contact with clients, but it is also an essential boost to your company's digital credibility. While the tone of your website naturally helps establish your brand online, your Google business profile will likely receive even more traffic. With a simple description and a few photographs, you earn automatic trust.

Make Your Profile Better

Post updates regularly

To gain even more from your profile, Google allows you to post regular updates and connect your social media accounts. Your profile holds sections for each of your social media’s latest posts and a section for updates from the business owner. These sections enable your profile to constantly incorporate new, relevant information about your business or services. 

List products and/or services

For product-focused businesses, Google encourages you to list your products on your profile. After you list them, your products appear in Google’s shopping tab and reach even more potential customers. Many shoppers, especially younger shoppers, use the Google shopping tab to look for their products, so adding your products to your Google My Business reaches a larger audience than your website alone.

Enter details for the Google shopping tab

While Google’s shopping tab doesn’t include services, adding them to your profile still helps clients find your services quickly. Your Google business profile lets you enter prices and details about your services to narrow potential leads into actual clients.

For connection to other search engines

Changes to your Google business profile help with other search engines as well. Bing remains a smaller search engine but reaches a different audience than Google. Connecting your Bing Webmaster profile to your Google My Business profile allows you to reach potential customers searching on Bing effortlessly.  

If you want to learn how to create your Google My Business profile, we are happy to help you through the process or answer any questions that arise during your set-up. Google also offers many online support options, but don't be surprised if technical issues take some time to be fixed. Please reach out today for professional help with your digital marketing.

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