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C A S E   S T U D Y

Cost-Effective Digital Marketing for a Medical Practice That Drove Results


on the left of the image is the company logo and on the right is "COOL SPRINGS FOOTCARE"

Cool Springs Foot Care offers premium podiatric care to clients in Franklin, Tennessee. He focuses on minimally invasive care, even utilizing the smallest possible incision for required surgeries. Through this form of care, Dr. Reeves gets his patients back on their feet and doing the things they love faster than standard care.

The Challenge

  • No online presence

  • No traffic on their website

  • Converting the traffic

  • Brand new medical practice in a competitive market

  • Had a new site but wasn't optimized for SEO/marketing

Dr. Lance Reeves approached us with a problem: he was starting a new business that did not exist online. First, goals. During these meetings, we encountered one of the biggest challenges; we had no previous trials to utilize as a baseline. It also meant that they needed an online presence, which was the first essential challenge to overcome, and then we could send traffic to the Cool Springs Foot Care website.

The Approach

In the center of the image it says "Optimized ad management flow" and surrounding it is a depiction of one word leading to another in a circle formation, listed as " plan, do, act, check"
  • We began with a meeting to ensure we helped Dr. Reeves effectively.

  • We helped Dr. Reeves set goals.

Through our meetings with Dr. Reeves, we drafted a plan to construct an online presence and generate leads for the correct audience. Setting specific goals is the most crucial step to marketing success.

  • We periodically reviewed the progress of our work.

  • We discussed reallocating our time and resources to accomplish Dr. Reeves's goals better after every meeting.

The final step of our campaign cycle consists of periodic reviews with Dr. Reeves so that we can assess each aspect of our campaigns. Through these meetings, we optimize our work for him and ensure we are marketing his company effectively online.

on the right of the image is Dr. Reeves, and to the left of him on the wall is the company logo.

The Implementation

  • Google My Business/Bing Places for Business

  • Google Search Console/Bing Webmaster

  • Keywords (Common Search Engine Terms)

  • Google Ads

  • Back-End SEO Work/ Lighthouse Scans

  • We established CSFC online

  • We directed traffic to their website through Google Ads

Then, we implemented our plan. The first important element was incorporating Google's common search terms throughout the website. This helped the pages show up on more searches and appear closer to the top for common searches. We also helped establish an online presence through Google and Bing profiles. These profiles not only helped verify Cool Springs Foot Care with Google and Bing, but they also helped the business appear credible to an online audience. Through these measures, we gathered the following results.

The Results

  • 7-8 new patients a week!

  • Impressions

  • CTR (more than double the average)

  • Website Clicks from the profile

  • Direction Requests from the profile

  • Ad results

7-8 new patients per week

Cool Springs Foot Care is now averaging 7 to 8 new patients a week and in total around 50 to 60 active patients per week as a result.

+164 Clicks

First, the Google Business profile for Cool Springs Foot Care received a lot of traffic, including 164 clicks to the website from July through October.

a magnifying glass with the text " +2,000 increase in traffic and growing!"

+200 Requests for Directions to Office

We also saw over 200 people requesting directions to Cool Springs Foot Care on the profile, increasing at a rapid rate after our work.

+in 2,000+ Searches

Since we began incorporating keywords, Cool Springs Foot Care has shown up on nearly 2,000 searches, and 14.4% of people have clicked on their website. This Click-through rate is more than double the medical industry standard.

This click-through rate is more than double the industry standard.

the image shows a graph depicting the Clicks, Impressions, Cost, and conversions. The Clicks are 3.02K, the Impressions are 3.17M, the Cost are $3.15K, and the Conversions are 486.95.

We also established and managed Google ad campaigns for Cool Springs Foot Care. We utilized "the exposure effect"; The more familiar you are with a brand, the more likely you are to use it. With this in mind, we focused on "impressions," which count how many people view your ad. We generated over 3.1 million impressions and 3,100 website visitors for under $3,200.

The best part is that with Google's targeting, all of these impressions were within a 60-mile radius of Cool Springs Foot Care's location.

We really appreciate Cool Springs Foot Care and the difference they are making in the Middle Tennessee Community. We look forward to seeing their amazing work in the future!

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